7 Best Rectangle Trampolines (2023 Reviews)

Published on: August 7, 2023
Written by Ferris Jacob / Fact-checked by Samrul Alom

The best rectangle trampolines offer a perfect blend of durability, bounce, and safety. These trampolines are designed with the user’s enjoyment and security in mind.

Rectangle trampolines are known for their exceptional bounce, thanks to the alignment of the springs. This shape provides an even and controlled bounce that many gymnasts and athletes prefer. The construction of these trampolines is robust, utilizing quality materials to ensure durability. Safety is also a paramount consideration, with features such as padding around the springs and edges to prevent injuries. Stability is enhanced through well-designed legs and support structures, which can withstand the force exerted during jumping.

Size is a crucial factor to consider, as it must suit the available space and the user’s needs. From smaller models for children to larger ones for adults, there is a range of sizes to choose from. The warranty often accompanies the best rectangle trampolines, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and longevity. Overall, the shape and design of rectangle trampolines contribute to a superior bouncing experience, combining fun with safety and performance.

With an exceptional blend of durability, bounce, safety, and quality, our offerings are crafted to perfection. Enjoy the finest springs, carefully chosen size, robust frame, protective padding, unwavering stability, and reassuring warranty. Trust in our expertise; your satisfaction is merely a leap away.

Top 7 Rectangle Trampoline Reviews & Recommendations 

The rectangle trampolines are suitable for large backyards or outdoor settings. If you look at the best rectangle trampoline, you have to invest more than the other shapes. We are going to present 7 products at this point.

1. Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set 

best rectangle trampoline
Credit: Photo: Amazon.com

Key Features

  • 500 pounds weight capacity;
  • Two colors option: blue or black;
  • Made up powder-coated steel frame;
  • Number of the springs 86;
  • Premium terylene mesh net.

Presenting the king of this list- Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set. It has beaten every product in terms of every feature. Well almost! We loved how it worked at enjoyable & safe entertainment in the comfort of your backyard.

But, there’s more to it. So, let’s begin with it- 

The unique thing about this product is the powder-coated steel frame construction! Here, the heavy-duty coated steel frame presence does enhance the durability to some extent. It’s not the heaviest on the list. But, it’s heavier than most of the products we’ll review here. 

To be exact, the Upper Bounce rectangle trampoline with a safety pad does come with a premium PP mesh trampoline jumping mat. It is strong enough to carry up to 500 lbs of weight. So, yeah, no kidding about the weight factor! Whether you are a kid or an adult. 

Another outstanding feature is its heavy-duty galvanized springs suitable for extra sturdiness and more bouncing. This rectangle trampoline includes 4 sturdy W-shaped legs. It is adjustable for the backyard and outdoor setting. And, you want that, right? 

From a design standpoint, you’ll notice that the rectangle allows the user a lot of confidence & comfort when jumping inside the trampoline. There is no way to ignore its safety features. Suitable for all outdoor weather conditions and no worry about its durability as well as longevity, which is why it has occupied the first spot in our review. 

Why You Like

  • A great weight capacity like 500 pounds;
  • Pretty simple to assemble;
  • Provides maximum bouncing strength;
  • Sturdy and safe;
  • One of the best bounce rectangle trampolines.

Why You Dislike 

  • Little pricey than others;
  • You may have trouble setting it first.

2. Happy Trampoline -Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline 

happy trampoline - rectangle trampoline
Credit: Photo: Amazon.com

Key Features

  • It comes in green color;
  • Made up Alloy Steel;
  • Weight capacity is 550 pounds;
  • Features lifetime warranty;
  • 3.0 mm thickest frame;
  • Includes the156 fully galvanized heavy-duty Springs.

Be it convenience or variety, this product tops every sector. We have the Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline in second place. It was very close to beating the top 1. So, stick around for watching its glory-

The weight capacity was the unique standpoint in the previous product. Guess what? It has up to 550 lbs jumping weight capacity. This is suitable for your family members, kids, and adults. 

It has the safest and comfortable jumping mat. The unique design and long-lasting impression make it suitable for use in the arctic snow or sun. This jumping mat lasts up to 20 to 30 years.

This grade-A Galactic Xtreme Rectangle Trampoline offers a 3.0 mm thick and double-dipped galvanized frame. So, no matter the rust or corrosion. Whether you are a novice bouncer or competitive jumper, this trampoline is ideal for all jumpers. So, it is the best outdoor rectangle trampoline in the market today! 

Bounce quality? Sure, it doesn’t break. Made from the heaviest and thickest steel. So, it has a stronger frame than the other competitors’ brands. For more safety, it has an enclosure surrounding the net. This product is our biggest collection. 

Why You Like

  • This trampoline is perfect for the heavy-duty;
  • Simple design but the strongest one;
  • Great performance;
  • Safer for kids and adults.

Why You Dislike

  • Strong but pricey.

3. 72″ x 50″ Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline & Safety Net Combo. 

jump power rectangle trampoline
Credit: Photo: Amazon.com

Key Features

  • Recommend weight 110 lbs;
  • Dimensions: 72″ x 50″ x 73″;
  • Comes with heavy-duty 16-Gauge Galvanized Steel; 
  • Made of the mat from Grade A Black Trampoline fabric;
  • Frame Size 6 Feet.

Parents who don’t love to collect a great gift for their children. When it comes to trampoline, be sure to check out the safety feature. Yes, the 72″ x 50″ Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline & Safety Net Combo can be an exact choice for toddlers & kids and more secure. It comes from the renowned brand JUMP POWER. 

From A unique viewpoint, this product provides a lot of fun and entertainment along with the best exercise benefits. Kids can bounce for a long time due to its permanent surface. The net enclosure system protects your child from any accidental issue. Another thing is its 16 gauge galvanized steel tube frame that prevents rusting. 

Even though the spring pad protector and jumping mat are UV-resistant and acceptable for indoor and outdoor exercise. Also, blow-molded plastic legs are on the outside. The most outstanding thing is this trampoline’s remarkable designs that make this product different from our other collections. 

The little two children can jump together. The maximum weight capacity is 110lbs so don’t think about heavyweight bouncers. This product is recommended for toddlers who are 3 to 6 years old. So, it is also the best rectangle trampoline for tumbling.

Why You Like

  • Excellent inside and outside define;
  • Strong, durable, and safe for all kids;
  • Includes 3-1/2″ springs to avoid extra bounce & rusting;
  • Multiple colors option.

Why You Dislike 

  • The net is not fully safe.

4. Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net

skywalker trampolines 14 foot rectangle trampoline 1
Credit: Photo: Amazon.com

Key Features

  • Two different springs;
  • Product dimensions -15’ x 9’ x 9′;
  • Weight capacity 250 lbs;
  • Jumping surface around 92 square feet;
  • 37.4-inch frame height.

4th time’s the charm! Right? Well, if that’s not the case, you’ll still have reasons to love the Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net. After all, this trampoline has a lot to offer. Let’s begin-

The unique feature of this trampoline is that it has two different springs so there is too large space for jumping. Are you heavy? Don’t worry, it can weigh 250 lbs. Plus, 92 square feet of the jumping surface is not little for any jumper.

All of the family members can participate while using this rectangle trampoline. Suitable for both purposes- fun & enjoy and exercise. On the other hand, the springs work automatically authorizing the takeoff and landing. 

Though the shape is traditional, it is also the best rectangle trampoline for gymnastics and competitive jumpers. Made from high-quality materials and the frame galvanized steel for providing more protection. 

Why You Like

  • Budget-friendly;
  • Its springs work independently;
  • Weather and rust resistance framework.
  • A great weight capacity.

Why You Dislike

  • Spring can be broken for extra pressure;
  • Quite expensive.

5. Exacme Outdoor Trampoline with Basketball

exacme outdoor trampoline with basketball
Credit: Photo: Amazon.com

Key Features

  • Different sizes are available from 8 to 16 feet;
  • Contains basketball hoop;
  • Maximum weight limit up to 335 LBS;
  • Frame made up of Alloy Steel.

Our 5th variety of different shape trampoline such as round shape. Already four rectangle trampolines were introduced in this review. Compared to the rectangle shape, round trampolines are inexpensive & affordable. Of course, this Exacme Outdoor Round Trampoline comes with a basketball hoop and enclosure ladder at an affordable price. 

The most exceptional thing is its size variation. There is no problem with a small or large backyard. If you have a big yard, you can choose the 15 or 16-foot size. Small backyard? 8 or 19-foot trampoline. Its included basketball hoop provides a lot of fun for your child or toddler. You can purchase this product for children as a surprise gift if they love basketball. 

Due to the inclusion of 2 quick clamps, the trampoline legs are more secure than other brands. Additionally, this trampoline adds extra straps to the inner side of the spring cover. We say that the new version is more secure. 

Another challenging feature is its weight capacity. Believe it or not, Exacme Outdoor Round Trampoline’s weight capacity is more than 335 LBS. Your kids and you also acquire a great experience by using the large springs perhaps 6.5″ to 7″.

Why You Like

  • The largest weight capacity;
  • Worth in a price;
  • Easy set-up system;
  • A lot of fun for the kids & toddlers.

Why You Dislike 

  • Some customers complain about its durability. 

6. JumpKing JKRC1014C319 10 x 14 Foot Enclosed Rectangular Trampoline

jumpking rectangular trampoline
Credit: Photo: Amazon.com

Key Features

  • Excellent color to highlight entrance the trampoline;
  • L shape zipper for easy access;
  • Made from alloy steel;
  • Number of springs 96;
  • Comes with a heavy-duty UV-protected jumping surface.

Are you looking for the perfect size trampoline within a short budget?

The JumpKing JKRC1014C319 10 x 14 Foot Enclosed Rectangular Trampoline may be a good choice for you. The 10 feet x 14 feet size is not large or not small, just exact for the kids to adults. The purpose doesn’t matter. This is suitable for both fun and fitness. Your child uses it for playing and you use it for exercise. 

The most attractive aspect of the JumpKing trampoline is its wonderful G3 pole design. Even you can’t avoid the color variety. Is it safe? Yes, not only the design but the manufacturer also alerts the product’s safety feature. So, it has a safety net that connects to the jumping mat directly. 

Some trampoline springs are placed inside. That’s why it’s quite unsafe. But, this rectangle trampoline’s springs are outside. No way to hit anyone who is jumping on the surface. You can set up this anywhere as fast as you expect.

Ensures the bouncers a heavy-duty UV-protected jumping surface for durability. It features made from environmentally friendly equipment. So, safe for you and safe for your nature. It is even the best rectangle trampoline for adults.

Why You Like

  • Easy and quick entry or exit;
  • Heavy-duty springs;
  • High-quality and safe;
  • More secure while bouncing;
  • Good construction.

Why You Dislike

  • The instructions are not clear to install it properly.

7. Exacme 7×10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure

Credit: Photo: Amazon.com

Key Features

  • Features W-shape trampoline;
  • Comes with 6.5-inch galvanized springs;
  • Frame size 7×10 feet;
  • PP jumping mat.

Don’t think the last product means a low-quality product. We recommend another high-quality trampoline suitable for use in the small backyard. If you have a space problem, you can choose this Exacme 7×10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure. Even though it is the best inground rectangle trampoline.

This trampoline is good for young children and beginners. Adults jumpers can avoid this small trampoline. The average jumping area is 5.5×8.5FT. Any crazy performer can jump with confidence just because of its safety. An interesting thing is a zip-closed closure on the net used to go in or out of the trampoline. Remember that the top net pole is curved, not straight. So, you can’t add a basketball hoop.

It allows bouncing from two to three children at a time. The great concept is dragging in the three to four sides instead of one side of the trampoline. It is not a folding-up trampoline. But, you can disassemble this by keeping it indoors for the winter. The maximum weight capacity is up to 275 LBS, enough for a heavy person. 

Why You Like

  • Upgrade top net rail;
  • Safe for bouncing;
  • Easy to install;
  • A great warranty;
  • Awesome for limited space;
  • It works fairly well.

Why You Dislike

  • No satisfactory customer service;
  • Little faulty. 

What to Consider for Getting a Rectangle Trampoline

Now, we discuss some essential aspects that you can apply for purchasing the rectangle trampoline. 

The Size

There are different sizes of rectangle trampolines available. What is the ideal size? 

Depending on the space available in your backyard, you can choose the size. We have reviewed several sizes of trampolines. Where the 7×10 feet is the smallest and 10×17 is the largest one. But, the size of the rectangle trampolines starts from 10 feet or 12 feet long and rises to 23 feet.

Safety Features

It is important to check the safety features while getting a trampoline. Is the net strong? Is the inside soft and smooth? And more. You also consider the capacity of the spring. 

Bounce Quality

Some trampolines come tighter and some are relaxed or slack. If your child loves a lot of fun, you can try tighter. For beginner bouncers, a relaxed bounce is suitable. Before going to buy, you have to know about it. Then, you can select the exact product.

Weight Limit

Another consideration is the trampoline’s weight limit. Some brands offer heavyweight capacity and some are low. If the weight capacity is 300lbs, you don’t try to jump together with 4 or 5 people. It is better to practice jumping or exercise. 

But, when two or three toddlers are jumping, it is better to jump on several sides of the trampoline. The higher weight capacity trampolines are available, we already reviewed them. Of course, you have to read the manufacturer’s instructions. 

From the variety of weight limits, most of the rectangle trampolines start from 200 to 300 pounds and may go up to 800 pounds. 

The Price

Though rectangle trampolines are a big range in price, the quality is higher than the other models. To get these types of trampolines, you need to consider an unlimited budget. The starting rate of the rectangular models is probably $400. The price range goes upwards of $2000 depending on the product’s size, model, and brand that you select.

The Warranty

The warranty also plays a vital role in selecting any product if it relates to broken or damaged issues. Rectangle trampolines are no anomaly. Their warranties vary from 2 or 3 years to a lifetime depending on the brand. You should consider what you’re going to select.

Rectangle vs Round: Which One’s Better?

Round trampoline and rectangle trampoline, both stand in the best position in their shapes. From our research, we happily say, you can turn through any shape, round or rectangle according to your demand. Let us present here a comparison table of rectangle vs. round that helps get a clear idea. 

Rectangle Trampoline Round Trampoline 
1. Most of the rectangle trampolines are bigger and offer a large playing surface.1. The round trampolines are not larger but are ideal for both the younger and kids.
2. It is possible to jump in multiple kids and adults at the same time by using this trampoline. 2. It allows only one person to jump on the surface. 
3. The number of springs is more in rectangle trampolines and the bouncing experience is better than the round trampolines.3. Maximum round trampolines have no more springs but are standard for bouncing. 
4. It is quite tough to set up quickly in a medium-size backyard. 4. It can easily fit your medium-sized backyard so easy-to-install.
5. Rectangle trampolines are more pricey than the rounds and don’t offer a variety of accessories. 5. The round trampolines provide a variety of accessories such as a basketball hoop, ladder, foam ball, handlebar, trampoline cover, and many more within a short budget. 

So, which is better?

It is dependent upon your necessity and personal preference. According to your backyard space and family’s requirements, you decide the trampoline shape suitable for your family. 

How to Set Up a Rectangle Trampoline?

Whether you want to set up a rectangle trampoline, round trampoline, or any other shape, you should follow the manual directions properly. Before starting to use a rectangle trampoline, you have to install the frame, poles, mat, pad, enclosure net, and ladder, or more. First, open all the boxes and organize the trampoline parts according to the manual guide. Then, select the right place to set up. 

FAQs About Rectangle Trampoline

1. How Can You Measure a Rectangle Trampoline?

It is easy to measure a rectangle trampoline. The trampoline size depends on the metal frame size. Measuring the frame from shorter sides to the longer sides to get an accurate measurement of the rectangle trampoline.

2. Do You Get a Trampoline That Has Springs or a Springless Trampoline?

Spring-based or springless, both trampolines are used to jump smoothly. For the spring-based, you ensure that the springs are covered by the protective pad and safe for kids. 

Springless trampolines have flexible rods underneath instead. These types of trampolines are more luxurious but harder to set up.  That’s why top-quality spring-based trampolines can be the best way to exercise or play. We have put together some high-quality spring-based rectangle trampolines in this review.

3. Why are Rectangle Trampolines More Expensive?

The rectangle trampolines are extremely expensive than the other shape of the trampolines. The reason is they offer something more than others. They provide more jumping space, more springs, better bounce, and much more. The round trampolines don’t offer these benefits.

Final Verdict

We’re at the end! Finally, it’s been a long journey, right? Tons of products scatter through the market. We’ve chosen only the 7 best rectangle trampolines. This review also provided a lot of information to go through. 

Which one is suitable for you depends on your choice and budget. But, we recommend the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set, and JumpKing JKRC1014C319 Rectangular Trampoline. 

The choice is yours!

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