Can You Put a Trampoline on Artificial Grass? Bouncing Bliss with Synthetic Turf

Published on: May 17, 2023
Written by Samrul Alom / Fact-checked by Ferris Jacob

Nowadays, artificial grass is becoming more popular and people are willing to install them into their backyard or football field. On the other hand, some people are worried that artificial grass can ruin the surface. But that’s just not true. 

The use of artificial grass allows for different types of use. Whether you are placing a trampoline on top of it. Or you want to install some basketball hoops on it. If your backyard is covered with natural grass and you put a trampoline here, you have to maintain it. And always change the place of your trampoline. 

So, artificial grass is the ideal option. You don’t need to take maintenance and do not need to move your trampoline position. Here we also share some essential issues which will be helpful when you go to put a trampoline on your artificial grass.

can you put a trampoline on artificial grass

Can you put a trampoline on artificial grass? It’s a question many homeowners ask themselves when considering the ideal backyard setup for endless fun and entertainment. The short answer is yes, you absolutely can! However, it’s essential to understand the benefits, precautions, and tips to ensure that your trampoline and synthetic turf coexist harmoniously. So, let’s jump into the nitty-gritty and bounce off the walls with excitement as we explore the world of trampolines on artificial grass!

The Perks of Putting a Trampoline on Artificial Grass

Low Maintenance Fun

One of the primary reasons people choose artificial grass is its low-maintenance nature. With a trampoline on synthetic turf, you won’t have to worry about mowing or trimming around the trampoline, nor will you need to deal with unsightly dead patches of grass. Plus, artificial grass is durable and long-lasting, so your backyard will remain picture-perfect for years to come.

Soft Landing Zone

Let’s face it; accidents happen, especially when kids are having a blast on a trampoline. Artificial grass provides a softer and safer landing zone compared to natural grass, dirt, or concrete. Its cushioned surface helps minimize the risk of injury when those inevitable tumbles occur.

All-Weather Playtime

With artificial grass, you can say goodbye to muddy messes during rainy days! Synthetic turf drains water efficiently, allowing your kids to enjoy the trampoline without turning the backyard into a mud pit. Plus, artificial grass stays green and lush all year round, so your backyard will always look inviting.

Precautions and Tips for Trampoline Placement on Artificial Grass

Now that we’ve established that you can put a trampoline on artificial grass, it’s crucial to consider some precautions and tips to ensure the longevity of both the trampoline and synthetic turf.

Use a Trampoline Base or Anchors

Securing the trampoline is crucial to prevent it from shifting or toppling over. Using a trampoline base or anchors will help keep it in place, even during strong winds or boisterous play sessions. This extra stability will also help protect your artificial grass from damage.

Distribute the Weight

A trampoline can exert considerable pressure on the artificial grass beneath it. To prevent indentations or damage to the turf, distribute the trampoline’s weight evenly by placing it on a level surface and using rubber or foam pads under the legs.

Rotate the Trampoline Regularly

To keep your artificial grass in tip-top condition, rotate the trampoline regularly. This will prevent constant pressure on a specific area, ensuring that your synthetic turf maintains its pristine appearance.

Keep It Clean

Regularly clean the area around and beneath the trampoline to prevent debris buildup. This will help maintain the artificial grass’s integrity and appearance, as well as ensure a safer play environment.


Will Trampoline Damage Your Artificial Grass?

No, a trampoline could not damage your artificial grass. Not only trampoline you can also use normal garden furniture or swings etc. They don’t have any negative impact on your artificial grass. Because artificial grass can damage only hot and sharp objects. 

If you want to get the most use out of your artificial grass, you’ll need to consider safety first. You are choosing the right safety equipment, such as a trampoline cover. Before you decide to put your new synthetic grass into place. This will help to ensure that your grass is protected from sudden impact.

Do I Need to Install a Special Type of Artificial Grass for a Trampoline?

While most artificial grass is suitable for trampoline use, opt for a high-quality turf with proper drainage and a soft, cushioned feel for maximum safety and durability. Some manufacturers offer artificial grass specifically designed for high-traffic or play areas, which may be an excellent choice for a trampoline setup.

Can I Move the Trampoline Easily on Artificial Grass?

Yes, you can move a trampoline on artificial grass, but it’s essential to be cautious and enlist some help to avoid damaging the turf. When moving the trampoline, lift it instead of dragging it to prevent tears or damage to the artificial grass.

What if I Want to Remove the Trampoline From My Artificial Grass?

If you decide to remove the trampoline, your artificial grass may show some signs of indentation or flattening where the trampoline once stood. However, this can usually be remedied by gently brushing the turf fibers to lift and restore their original position.

What Surface Should You Put Under the Trampoline?

If you want to make your trampoline work harder, you can install it on an alternative surface. Installing the trampoline on the artificial grass is the ideal surface. Because, it is allowed to absorb shock.

If you want to install the trampoline on a hard surface like tiles or concrete, they are also acceptable. But you have to add some rubber mats underneath to provide a similar amount of shock absorption.

What Things Should You Consider to Put a Trampoline on Artificial Grass?

One of the main things to consider while installing artificial grass is the layout of the area. Artificial grass is usually very flat. But some contain little dips or peaks that are not noticeable when looking at the surface. So, you should consider a few things putting a trampoline on your artificial grass. 

  • Ensure your entire area is big enough.
  • Must be installed with lawn pads underneath on your grass.
  • Your lawn pads thickness should be in three different sizes- 3/4, 1-1/4, and 2-1/2 inches. 
  • If your trampoline has sharp legs, you have to protect them to avoid digging into artificial grass.
artificial grass
Artificial Grass

How Do You Protect Your Fake Grass Under a Trampoline?

While there’s no such thing as a perfect trampoline protection solution. But there are some things you can do to help the fake grass last longer.

  • Never ignore routine maintenance. Your trampoline needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. 
  • Keep the surface of the trampoline dry. This means don’t water your trampoline and don’t leave any dirt and debris on it. 
  • Finally, never take your trampoline outside to play on it. Only trampoline park owners and experienced trampoline users should do this. Keeping your trampoline clean and dry will help it last longer.

How to Install a Trampoline on Artificial Grass?

Whether you’re installing the synthetic grass under a trampoline is an excellent project to tackle with the kids. Artificial grass is a popular way to decorate your lawn for both indoor and outdoor use. There are several ways to install artificial grass-

  • First, you have to remove the natural grass to install your artificial grass.
  • You should use the right equipment or tools to do your work.
  • And now it’s time to prepare your base.
  • Roll out and carefully install your artificial grass into the current position.
  • Give it an appropriate cut. You can use razor knives or carpet cutters.
  • Brush the grass.
  • Add the finishing touch.


So, can you put a trampoline on artificial grass? Absolutely! Combining the low-maintenance, all-weather benefits of synthetic turf with the endless fun of a trampoline creates the perfect backyard oasis for children and adults alike. By taking the proper precautions and following our helpful tips, your trampoline and artificial grass will coexist in harmony, providing years of enjoyment for the whole family. Now, it’s time to bounce into action and transform your backyard into a playtime paradise!

Synthetic grass or artificial grass is ideal for the under-trampoline area because it ensures an even, lush green surface year-round. So, choose the right artificial grass for your backyard. Because the best synthetic grass will keep your kids safe.

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