How to Light Up a Trampoline

Published on: May 30, 2023
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A trampoline without lights looks very dull and boring at night. There are a ton of activities that you can do under a trampoline. Most people compete in bounce houses and obstacle course races, but most people don’t think about lighting technology. 

When the sun goes behind the clouds, trampolines don’t get as much light as they need for safety. So they turn on the light modes.

They aren’t the most exciting light, but they can be a great little safety feature that can keep your kids safe and happy. You can add lights to your trampoline in different ways. You can install lights on your trampoline frame. 

how to light up a trampoline
LED Trampoline Lights

Can You Put Lights on a Trampoline?

Sure, you can. A trampoline is a great way to exercise, unwind, and have fun outdoors. But you can spike it up even more with the addition of some neon lighting. So, you can put lights on your trampoline, but there are a few limitations- 

  • You can’t put lights on a trampoline that’s made of steel. 
  • You can’t put lights on the outer ring of a trampoline. 
  • And you can’t put lights on the underside of the trampoline.

What Is the Advantage of Using Trampoline Light?

Trampoline lights are an excellent accessory for kids and adults alike. They can use it at night or day, adding a ton of fun options and entertainment to the trampoline park. 

The benefits of trampoline lights are many, but here are a few of the most important ones- Trampoline lighting can provide a brilliant lighting source in your backyard. 50% of the world’s population owns a trampoline. 

Do you know what’s not so fun? Staying in the dark after your kids are done playing. However, there are so many safety aspects to trampoline use that it can be easy to overlook. Trampoline lights are a great way to help prevent injuries for children and adults alike, so let’s talk about them.

Trampoline Lights Idea

how to light up a trampoline 2
SUVEUS 52Ft Trampoline Lights

Now you’re decided to add lights to your trampoline. But no idea how to do it? You can add lights to your trampoline for a variety of reasons. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ideas to add lights to your trampoline. 

Underneath Trampoline Light:

Sometimes you need a little extra light to help you see better as you jump on your trampoline. You can capitalize on the size and versatility of trampolines by putting lights underneath them. This is a great option if you want to light up the bottom of the trampoline for evening jumps.

Solar Trampoline Lights:

It provides a safe and fun way to add a little extra light to a trampoline in a darkened evening time. These lights come in various color option and even have a small built-in solar panel to power the lights. Overall, these lights are a great addition to any trampoline to add a little extra light to the activity.

Solar-String Lights:

The solar string lights are fun because they are able to string along with the entire frame of the trampoline. These make so much fun on the trampoline.  Because these lights can come in different colors and have different light show modes. Those solar lights are very affordable lights that can be put anywhere.

Christmas Lights:

Christmas lights are not usually waterproof LED lights or powered by solar panels. They need to be plugged with a power adaptor. If you used the Christmas light on your trampoline and must unplug them after finishing your game.

Ac or Dc Decoration Lights:

 On a trampoline, Ac or Dc decoration light can provide a brightness modes but simple source of light that works well for various purposes. The AC type of trampoline lights will work on your standard AC outlet, while DC models will require a DC power supply to operate. 

As a result, DC-type lights tend to be a bit more expensive, but they’re also more durable and can be used outside the trampoline since they’re solar-powered.

Trampoline LED Strip Lights:

 If you want to play on your trampoline, you need to be ready for the entertainment possibilities. And one of the most exciting ways to do this is with trampoline LED lighting. A LED flexible strip light up your trampoline for a whole new level of fun! 

Magic Night Light:

The Trampoline Magic Night Light is a new nightlight developed for trampoline parks. Some advanced features are different from others. Let’s know those features-

  • It is a UV light projector light.
  • The magic night light is only FDA-approved for use on trampolines.
  • Designed to last for 24 hours. This means that the light will not shut off when it is turned off. 

Fairy Light:

The best part is, not only are these fairy lights also great for illuminating your garden. But they also fit perfectly on your trampoline so you can light up your child’s play area, your garden, or even your patio.

What Is a Flashlight Zone on a Trampoline?

Most parents want to know if their kids are safe when they are jumping on the trampoline. It is possible for the flashlight zone that is the ground below the trampoline.

There are many different types of trampoline lights, but there are three main categories: 

Flashlight zone: 

The flashlight zone is commonly used in arenas as a safety measure for people who will be bouncing on the trampoline.

Trampoline floodlights:

The floodlights above the trampoline are commonly installed to keep the trampoline from being flooded with light.

Trampoline spotlight:

The spotlight is a light placed on a trampoline, used to light up the trampoline. 


1. What Kind of Lights Can Be Used to Illuminate a Trampoline?

There are several types of lights that you can use to illuminate a trampoline. LED strip lights are popular due to their energy efficiency and longevity. You can also use rope lights or even solar-powered outdoor lights. The choice depends on the aesthetic you’re going for and the power sources available in your outdoor space.

2. How Can I Safely Install Lights on a Trampoline?

Safety is paramount when installing lights on a trampoline. Make sure to turn off all lights and unplug them from the power source before installation. Attach lights to the trampoline frame, under the padding, or around the edge, using zip ties or clamps that come with your lighting kit. Ensure the wires are well secured and hidden away to avoid any tripping hazards.

3. Where Should I Position the Lights on My Trampoline?

The positioning of the lights will depend on your desired aesthetic and practical needs. Most people prefer to install lights around the edge of the trampoline or under the padding for safety reasons. Lights can also be positioned on the trampoline net poles, if your trampoline has a safety enclosure. This provides a well-lit area for bouncing without creating a glare.

4. How Do I Power the Lights on My Trampoline?

The power source for your trampoline lights depends on the type of lights you choose. Most outdoor lights can be powered by a standard outdoor electrical outlet. If you opt for solar-powered lights, they’ll be powered by sunlight and need to be placed in a sunny spot during the day. Battery-powered lights are also a convenient option, particularly if you don’t have easy access to an outdoor power source.

5. How Do I Maintain the Lights on My Trampoline?

Maintaining the lights on your trampoline mostly involves ensuring that they are clean and free of debris. For LED lights, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth as needed. If your lights are solar-powered, make sure the solar panel is also kept clean and is getting plenty of sunlight. Replace any burnt-out or malfunctioning bulbs immediately to keep the trampoline well-lit and safe.


In summary, if you’re looking for a way to give your trampoline a cool look, then lights will be a great choice. Lights are easy to install, and even kids can do it. It’s a fun project that you can do with your kids or by yourself.

While you can get lights permanently attached to the trampoline, it’s easy to add lights that you can take on and off. The lights are affordable and safer. You can have fun with your family on the trampoline at night.

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