Will a Trampoline Box Fit in a Car

Published on: November 8, 2021
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Trampolines come in various sizes, so do the boxes. Trampoline parts are available in single or numerous boxes. When packing, moving or storing a trampoline, the box size is critical. A trampoline’s box can be the same size or different. Will a trampoline box fit in a car actually depends on the car and the trampoline size. Smaller trampolines of 8 to 10 ft can easily fit in a car if the back seats are folded. More giant trampolines over 12 feet may require an SUV, pickup vehicle, or station wagon.

Those with smaller cars can use U-Haul, a cost-effective way to get the trampoline from the store to our backyards. U-Haul trucks are 10 to 26 feet long. Like trampolines, U-Haul trucks come in several sizes. Now, you may be wondering how the trampoline box size fluctuates with the trampoline size. Don’t worry; we’ve come to inform you about trampoline box sizes that fit in a car.

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Basic Parts Of Trampoline

Generally, a trampoline consists of a few parts that you need to know. For most trampolines, the steel frame is shipped in one or two separate boxes, and the tubes can be individually bubble-wrapped if desired. A little wrench is sometimes included with the jumping mat or other safety equipment, along with the instructions and other assembly fittings like nuts and bolts. Parts of trampolines are:

  • Jump mats made of polypropylene or nylon;
  • Jumping mat is fastened to a steel structure made up of poles and springs;
  • Like the frame pad and net posts, as well as foam covers for the nets.

Packaging of a Trampoline

Trampoline parts are packaged in separate boxes to ensure that all components are safe and well-functioning. They are usually packaged in groups of three to five boxes. Smaller trampolines are packaged in small boxes, whereas more giant trampolines are packaged in larger boxes. 

Aside from that, most trampolines are packaged in a set of three to five boxes, depending on the overall item size. The larger the trampoline, the larger the box and accompanying entourage. Manufacturers ship their components in a variety of packaging, including:

Box 1: Contains a mat, an enclosing net, and a spring cover.

Box 2: Contains springs, nuts, and bolts, as well as a trampoline assembly kit that includes a spring puller.

Box 3: Contains the following frame parts: legs, t-sockets, top frame, and net poles.

will a trampoline box fit in a car
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Since trampolines are strong, bubble wrap and cardboard boxes are sufficient protection throughout the packaging process. However, to fit the trampoline in a car, we may need to fold down the rear seats to make room for the boxes.

Dimensions of a Trampoline Box

After researching many trampoline boxes, it was prompted that the amount and weight of boxes vary by manufacturer. It is common for trampolines to be between 8 and 15 feet in length. Full-size, outdoor trampolines can measure more than 12 feet in length. Three boxes can fit 8 to 10 ft-long models, while five boxes are needed for larger models.

Since we still have adequate information regarding box sizes, which we share below:

Size of an 8-foot Trampoline Box

Between 4 and 5 feet long, the 8-foot trampoline box’s width is between 1 and 2 feet, and its height ranges from 7 to 10 inches.

Size of a 12-foot Trampoline Box

The length, width, and height of a 12ft trampoline are 4 to 5 feet, 1 to 2 feet, and 5 to 12 inches, respectively. However, a 12-foot trampoline box is too big for most average-sized cars to fit inside. So with this dimension, will a 12ft trampoline fit in a car? The back seats can be folded down to provide additional room in the car. Get a bigger car to fit the fun-and-workout unit. 

Size of a 14-foot Trampoline Box

The box dimensions for big trampolines are between 4-5 ft, 1-2 ft, and 5-12 inches. The 14-foot trampoline’s boxes are typically 4-5 feet long, 1-2 feet broad, and 6-16 inches tall. Using a vehicle with a wider cargo hold to transport your 14-foot trampoline is the key to success. Either that or remove the rear seats from your car to make extra space for the trampoline luggage and transport it that way.

Trampoline Box Sizes and Weight Chart

Refer to the table below with your measurements. Analyze your measurements against the table’s dimensions. As a result, you should have a decent notion of the size of the trampoline you can securely transport. Those who are confused about how big is the box for a 15 trampoline? or how big is the box for a 12 trampoline? Now can quickly be determined by the below chart.

Trampoline Size(ft)Trampoline Weight(lbs)Box Size (inch)Package Weight(lbs)
7 ft68 34.5 x 15 x 8.2573
8 ft73.551 x 16 x 977 
10 ft120.651 x 18 x 11124
12 ft11459 x 23 x 10130
15 ft146.6180 x 180 x 102167

Understanding Car’s Trunk Specification

Measurement of the cargo area is important because sometimes it needs the back seats folded. Typically smaller trampolines fit perfectly inside their trunk. Grab a notebook or your phone to note the measurement. It’s also worth noting that if your seatbacks don’t fully fold, the angle at which the boxes rest in your trunk may limit the box size you can fit.

You are measuring width and height in between the wheel well protrusions if you have them. Also, measure the height from the wheel well protrusions to the top to see if you can accommodate a smaller box, such as nuts and bolts if the trampoline you choose has one. 

Most of you will want to measure from the trunk to the front seat. The trunk opening to the rear seatbacks is the vehicle’s length. This measurement helps determine if the boxes can fit in the trunk “hamburger-style” with the seat backs down.

How Is a Trampoline Shipped?

The retailer determines the delivery method for a trampoline. If we want we can pick it up from the store and bring it in our own car. But if we purchase from local stores can be picked up or delivered the same day. To deliver their goods, retailers frequently use third-party professional movers.

The delivery of several large merchants and stores can be taken care of by their own systems. Some stores even provide free local delivery. So we can just sit at home and wait for the large boxes.

The merchants will ship the trampoline unassembled. They will bring the package, but then we are on our own. Remember that delivery usually implies just that: a delivery. So, we must consider both the trampoline’s condition and the box’s size.


1) How Big Is a 10ft Trampoline Box?

Ans: Round trampolines are sized by their metal frame diameter, not their surface area. A 10-foot trampoline is ideal for accommodating an older child who will be using the trampoline frequently. Dimensions of an 8ft to 10ft Trampoline Packaging Box 1 is 1.3 x.49 x.23 and 1.24 x.50 x.21 (cm). Box 2 is 1.23 x.42 x.14 and 1.30 x.46 x.20 (cm).

2) How Large Are the Trampoline Boxes?

Ans: Most of the car’s back seat needs to be folded down to fit in the large trampoline boxes. Because the longest box is almost 1.4 meters long, it will be too wide to go over the back seats of your car and yet too long to fit in the boot. 

Final Verdict

We believe the above information will help you visualize the trampoline’s box size. Trampoline boxes don’t have set dimensions but knowing the box size is wise for numerous reasons, including how much space you need to fit the box in a car. And you can find out will a trampoline box fits in a car when hiring a vehicle. 

A trampoline can fit in a car if it is small enough and has enough space. But a trampoline can only be transported in a car when disassembled.

Moreover, your car’s back seats may need to be folded or removed to accommodate the rebounding boxes. If it’s not possible, opt for a big car like a pickup or U-Haul. These trucks have the cargo space to transport a trampoline safely.

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