How to Make a Trampoline Fort Without a Net

Published on: October 8, 2021
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If you have kids at your home, you must know that kids love to jump around a lot. Unfortunately, nowadays, there is little place left in the city for the kids to do that. This is why parents bring home a trampoline.

Now, If you want your kids to have more fun with the trampoline, you can utilize the trampoline for other purposes too. 

The idea is to build a trampoline fort for your kids. Wondering how this is going to be possible? How to Make a Trampoline Fort Without a Net? Don’t worry, we have got an excellent article below that has answers to those questions. 

how to make a trampoline fort without a net
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What Are the Benefits of Having a Trampoline Fort Anyway?

To build a trampoline fort for your children, You need to have a trampoline in your home, right? So, let’s get to know why we should have a trampoline in our home in the first place.

There are a bunch of benefits to jumping on a trampoline. A few of them has been given below:

Healthy Blood Circulation

Jumping on the trampoline is a good exercise. It can increase to get your blood pumped and positively influence your blood circulation.

Body Balance Improvement

As you learn to jump and stay stable, you learn to have more control over your body. This way, your body balance is massively improved.

Increased Core Strength

As you bend your body many times in the process of jumping and standing, your core parts get ample exercise. As a result, your core strength increased.

Higher Bone Density

Because you put more stress on your legs and limbs in the process of jumping, the bones of your body get strengthened over time. This way, your body can reap the benefit of having higher bone density.

Efficient Metabolism

If you have a metabolism that is not balanced with your lifestyle, You can use the trampoline to do extended exercises, so it burns a high amount of calories in your body. As a result, your metabolism starts to get in balance according to your required body shape.

What Is the Process to Make a Trampoline Fort Without a Net?

For children, forts are houses from their fantasy kingdom. So, children would love to have a small fort of their own in the backyard. 

You can quickly build a Ford for your child if you have a trampoline in your backyard. It is done by simply adding sheets of clothes to the sides of a trampoline. This way, children can spend long hours playing under the Fort. 

But, building a trampoline fort cannot be done by just adding some shifts of clothes. Instead, you’ll have to follow a few steps to complete the process. See below:

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1. Measuring Area

The first step is to make measurements of the total area of your trampoline. Use a measuring tape to measure the diameter of the circular trampoline. This way, you know the full size of the upper surface.

Also, you need to measure the height of the trampoline from the ground. Then, it is to estimate if you need to increase the size of the trampoline legs further or not! Read more: How to Fold Up the Fold and Go Trampoline?

2. Increasing the Height of the Trampoline

For your children to enter the trampoline’s den very quickly, the height of the entrance has to be ample. 

In other words, You will need to increase the height of your trampoline legs somehow. You can do this by buying additional steel rods and adjoining them to the trampoline’s existing legs by connecting bolts and nuts.

3. Sewing the Clothes

From the previous measurement process, You must have an idea of how much area of clothes you need to cover the trampoline with a 360-degree curtain. 

Buy the clothes of your chosen type and color, so you can then make a curtain that can cover the trampoline in a 360-degree manner. 

4. Attaching the Curtains to the Rim

To attach the curtains to the outer rim of the trampoline, use nylon threads. Make sure the curtains drape from the rim to the ground. 

It is better to leave no opening on the upper and lower side of the curtains. This is to protect your children from rain and direct sunlight. 

5. Adding an Entrance

Now that the curtains have been set, you can cut a particular portion of the curtains to make an opening for access to the den. 

6. Adding Great Decoration and Lighting

Don’t forget to increase the beauty of the den so your children are comfortable spending time in this little fantasy kingdom. You can do this by adding other toys and ample lighting. 

We recommend installing battery-run starlights in the interior of the Fort so your children are comfortable playing in it even in the evening.

Finishing Up 

You can alter the steps mentioned above to customize the making process of a trampoline fort and add your creativity to it. There are no specific steps to making a trampoline fort for your children. All it takes to complete this is dedication and love for your children’s happiness, which we all parents have.

So, did you find the steps to making a trampoline fort without a net? If you did, we are flattered to be of help. We hope you spend the best of your time with your children and make lots of memories with them.

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